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Hardwood flooring can be divided into different grades according to level of color variation and texture characteristics. The specifics of these grades vary but generally select grade refers to hardwood flooring that has little to no large knots, comes available in long planks, and maintains the most uniform color. Natural grade, considered the second tier of hardwood floor grading, has some color variation and small knots. Rustic grade has large knots, often comes in shorter planks, and has a large amount of color variation. The terms third grade or #2 Common are used interchangeably to refer to this grade of flooring. Most notably, rustic hardwood flooring can add personality and character to any Moncton home and is a truly unique flooring option for homeowners.

Why Choose Rustic Hardwood?

Rustic hardwood floors are a good fit for homeowners that desire imperfect flooring, in the sense that each plank of wood is unique. This grade of hardwood often contains splits, knots, and wormholes that combine to create a floor that is variable in appearance and texture. If you are looking for flooring with character and personality this grade of wood is a great option. Unlike other hardwood floor grades, rustic hardwood establishes a lived-in feel that can contribute to an overall cozy aesthetic.

Lasting Value

One factor sometimes forgotten when discussing rustic hardwood is its ability to raise overall property value. If you ever choose to resell your home this unique style can set you apart within the housing market. Rustic hardwood is an affordable flooring option because it has a greater number of appearance blemishes, but in time these “blemishes” add economic value to a home because they are unusual and one of kind.

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