Maple hardwood flooring in MonctonAfter oak, maple is one of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring. It’s a versatile, durable, and affordable option that works well in a variety of Moncton homes. However, there are a few things you should know about maple hardwood before you purchase and install it, like the fact that maple hardwood does not always receive stain well. Here are a few more insider tips from our team at Floor Coverings International Moncton:

About Maple Hardwood

  • Unstained maple hardwood has a beautiful pale golden color. It has a subtle yet varied grain, though its look often depends on the quality of the wood. If the wood is of higher quality (and price), it will usually be clearer and have fewer blemishes. If the wood is lower quality, it may have natural flaws like mineral stains and pin knots.
  • Though maple is usually a light, creamy hardwood, it is also available in a variety of colors and stains. However, maple is a non-porous wood, so it doesn’t stain as evenly as other species. Dark stains in particular may look blotchy when applied to maple flooring.
  • Maple is a fairly tough, scratch-resistant wood species, which is why you’ll often see it used in high-traffic areas like gymnasiums. Hard maple, which is the type most often used in flooring, has a Janka rating of 1450. This makes it harder than oak, cherry, and walnut flooring.
  • Since maple is a widely available hardwood, maple flooring is an affordable choice. Unstained maple floors are typically the most budget-friendly, but if you want a more specific look, you can also pay a bit more for specialty stains and finishes.

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