wool carpet in moncton, cnWhat is it?

When we think of wool, a heavy blanket perfect for wrapping ourselves in on a brisk fall day might come to mind, or maybe a thick winter jacket ideal for wearing in a cold hockey rink. Made from the hair of sheep, this material is known for its insulating qualities and is used to make clothes, blankets, and carpet. Compared to other animal hair or fur, the hair of sheep grows in a crimped and elastic fashion, making it ideal for trapping and holding heat. Wool carpet will add literal and figurative warmth to any Dieppe home. We encourage you to read on to learn more about this timeless material.

Wool Carpet Benefits

Sustainable Resource—Not only is sheep hair biodegradable, it’s also a renewable resource. If you’re concerned about your floor’s environmental impact wool is a great option. It won’t sit in a landfill like other synthetic carpets, and is less damaging to the environment to make.

Insulation—As previously mentioned wool carpet provides great insulation, and is a particularly great option for homeowners that experience more intense winters. It will keep your feet warm, and is also thick and soft, which will create a cozy atmosphere.

Wool Carpet Precautions

Price Point—Wool is less affordable than other carpet types because of its high quality, so it may not make sense to adorn your entire home with wool carpet. One option is to prioritize rooms that require maximum insulation, like bedrooms or frequently occupied spaces, and install wool carpet in the rooms you need it most.

Proneness to Stains—Wool does a better job of hiding dirt than synthetic carpet because of its opaque fibers, but does have a susceptibility to staining. It efficiently absorbs and releases moisture making it so that liquids that stain, like wine or grape juice, are difficult to remove.

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