Saxony carpet in Riverview homeWhen it comes to finding the perfect carpet for your Riverview home, there is a wide variety of carpet types, materials, and styles to choose from. While the number of options may seem overwhelming, our team at Floor Coverings International Moncton is here to help make sure your next carpet project is a stress-free experience. Today, we share what you should know about saxony carpet, a great choice for its durability and classic design!


Saxony carpet is made of upright, twisted fibres of an even length. Its dense, cut loop pile construction creates a uniformly luxurious surface that is pleasantly soft underfoot. The fibres are typically no more than 1.5 cm in length and are most commonly made of nylon. The quality of the carpet can often depend on the manufacturer, so we make sure to partner with the best companies to ensure you get quality carpets in your home.

Straight vs. Textured Saxony

Saxony is available in two types: straight and textured. How are they different? It all comes down to the twist of the fibres. In straight saxony, the fibres are twisted in the same direction, which creates that soft, velvety look we know and love. Depending on the colour you choose, straight saxony tends to easily show footprints and vacuum marks due to the way it reflects light. Textured saxony on the other hand has fibres twisted in alternating directions, which is a popular choice for busier areas of a home where you want to avoid foot and vacuum marks.


Homeowners love saxony carpet for its versatility and durability. From bedrooms to hallways, it’s a great choice for many areas of your home. For a more elegant design, choose straight saxony to add a touch of luxury in living rooms and bedrooms. For those high-traffic areas, textured saxony will provide a more practical carpet solution that is relatively low-maintenance. Because both types of saxony are made of dense fibres, you’re sure to have a soft carpet that your entire family will love.

Unlike some types of carpet, saxony works well in any area of your home where you would normally install carpet flooring. When you’re ready to learn more about bringing this soft, luxurious carpet option in your home, call Floor Coverings International Moncton to schedule your free, in-home design consultation. We’ll bring a great selection of saxony carpet and other flooring samples right to your door!

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