We have not received our flooring nor had it installed as yet, so we will wait until then to post a review if that's ok.
Helen Clark
I like the quality of the product. The price point is also fair.
Rhonda Cormier
Good product, best value.Michel is very knowledgeable and helpful, he always give best service to his clients. Thanks Jude Anthonipillai Midtown motel and Suite Moncton
Jude Anthonipillai
Great service Prompt response to questions
Annie Brine
I like that they came to me when and where I wanted, and they had all the different flooring types with them. They are flexible. Thank you for the great service.
Sheila Breau
Michel was great.
Brendan O`Brien
Excellent service, good quality products, and good prices!
Nathalie Bourgeois
The product and service were excellent.
Velma Levesque
Loved the quality and variety of products that Floor Coverings International offers. Michel Melanson made sure we had all the flooring samples we needed to make our flooring selction. Their experience installers made a difference in the installation process in our home. As an Interior decorator and owner of Solutions Decor, I would definetly recommand Floor Coverings International to all my residential and commercial clients.
Nathalie Bourgeois
Although it is still early to make a final determination on the product we had installed it appears to meet our needs very well. What I was particularly happy with was the level of service received during our renovation project. Although the flooring was only one part of the project Michel was very attentive to our needs - whether or not he agreed with them. It was very clear that his first priority was our satisfaction. This included doing some repair work to fix some minor damage done by one of our other contractors. Although not his responsibility it was clear that he wanted to ensure that our project was completed with no issues. I would have no problem recommending Michel and his team for any similar work.
Dave Muir

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